[October 2021] Vue2 or Vue3 for new Enterprise project?

I just setup a new Vue3 project with Vite and I love what I see. I also managed to properly use common packages like router, vuex etc.

But when it comes to UI frameworks, I am a little bit struggling. I really wanted to avoid building components like datatables, etc. from scratch.

I am very familiar with Vuetify but it is still in alpha and beta will come end of December.

I was also looking at Quasar but it does not support Vite.

Tailwind CSS is the only framework I found which is compatible with both Vue3 and Vite. But for Tailwind seems to be more like a CSS library rather than a component framework.

In my use case, there is no need for a highly customisable UI. The default material design components are more than enough.

Three options, I see here:

  1. Vue2 and Vuetify 2.5.x
  2. Vue3, Vite and wait for the Beta of Vuetify.
  3. Vue3 without Vite and Quasar.

What do you think? Am I missing any option?

PS: I want to use Typescript (must) and Composition API (nice to have).

If you want to use TypeScript, I would recommend the option 2. Otherwise, I recommend option 1 because Vue2 has many well-test component library.

PS: I see there are many new component UI, though. The best new Vue 3 UI libraries of 2021 - LogRocket Blog

Don’t know whether you aware of this and is it satisfy your need

UI Component is not a strugging point indeed.
There are alternative if you don’t need highly customizable UI

Vue.js Framework Components - Vuesax (lusaxweb.github.io))
PrimeVue | Vue UI Component Library (primefaces.org)

and Ant Design Vue

I guess the most difficult point is the Nuxt
Nuxt3 for vue3 is just beta and many features from Nuxt2 are still missing.

Quasar without vite is not a problem. Their community will solve it if needed.
Quasar is an all-round framework with everything you need. You can quickly start your development without thinking UI, PWA, responsive design, mobile app packaging… etc

I think you should go for the option 3.
But you shall be aware that Quasar is changing a bit quickly. If you want to update the things in later years, you might need to pay some effort on it.

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