NW.js and Vue?


I’m new to Vue, will be trying to build something on NW.js to test it (more like to test myself I guess) :slight_smile:

Not sure if anyone here has used Vue on NW.js but still. What would be the best integration that could happen?

I successfully loaded the vue-devtools chrome extension into an nw instance, but can HMR be accomplished?

Thanks in advance.

Nw.js has largely lost to Electron. There’s grwat starter template dor using electron with Vue, too:

Thank you for your answer @LinusBorg!

Not quite what I was looking for an answer, but will take a closer look at this electron-vue .


I just remembered I asked this question here, so to answer my own question I setup a workflow to build desktop apps using NW.js + Vue. I also am creating a video series that covers the subject.

Posted something on the Show And Tell category, I hope this isn’t considered bad behaviour :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, here is the playlist on YouTube: https://goo.gl/8p3msR

Still working on it, but at this point the integration of vue devtools (v4) inside nw is already explained in there.

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