Nuxt performance on mobile browsers



Hello everybody.

I am currently working on a new website for my company, Intrace.
We have decided to build it with Nuxt to try out something new. The thing is that according to PageSpeed Insight it is performancing like 96% on desktop, but poorly on mobile (4%-ish).

I have no clue why - the page is loading like a charm when I do visit it on my phone (even on hard refresh).

Have any of you experienced this before?

Many regards


What app to check that performance? I am absolutely a beginner here


Hi Cornloh
You can go to and check what google says about your app.


if you run a lighthouse audit from chrome it will give you some more information on what is causing it. I’m using NUXT and i don’t get this. One thing to note is, don’t do a bunch of fetching in nuxtserverinit.

edit: Also what does the report say? did you download it?