Nuxt - conditional page rendering

I was wondering is there a way to conditional render 1 of 2 pages type scenario?

Scenario: Pre launch date is the condition, so if prior to launch date user goes to site/index it will render a version of the pre launch version page with template A, once that date is current or after launch date it render site/index actual live version of the page using template B

I have about 5 pages like this where i want to uses actual data from the DB and the pre version has features limited where the live version has full functional features. So its not a case of static dummy coming soon page vs live fully functional DB

It would be easier for me to create 2 separate page versions vs if this if that live / pre all over the place and then go back and removed all the if’s after launch

Just curious about ideas


*** SOLVED ****

I just editied my routes file and problem solved :slight_smile:

        path: '/listings',
        name: 'listings-index',
        props: true,
        component: isLive ? ListingsChild : PreListingsChild,
        meta: { path: 'public' }

Might not be best way but its certainly the easiest.