Nuxt auth refresh token


I want to use nuxt auth with local refresh strategy. I have backend on ASP.NET Core. I’m stuck with refreshing token, API method for refresh not called. This is my configurtion (10 second age is for testing):

auth: {
redirect: {
      login: '/login',
      logout: '/login',
      callback: '/login',
      home: '/administration',
    strategies: {
      local: {
        scheme: 'refresh',
        token: {
          property: 'token',
          maxAge: 10, // seconds
          global: true,
        refreshToken: {
          property: 'refresh_token',
          data: 'refresh_token',
          maxAge: 604800, // seconds, 1 week
        user: { property: 'Username', autoFetch: true },
        endpoints: {
          login: { url: '/authenticate/login', method: 'post' },
          logout: { url: '/authenticate/logout', method: 'post' },
          user: {
            url: '/authenticate/current',
            method: 'get',
            propertyName: false,
          refresh: { url: '/authenticate/refresh-token/', method: 'post' },

When I’m calling authenticate/current API method and token is expired, API return Token-Expired: true in header and vue redirect me to login page as I said in configuration. But, I want to automatically refresh token, how can I do that?

Thanks for advice.


Hello @DaveProkop
I think for this you needs a watcher. There should be a watcher for the state change of the refresh token and then redirect