Not able to put content to <el-step> for element-ui

Hi there,
of element-ui as given in the following URL ; I not able to put content (form content ) inside .i tried using descrption property of it, but cant put form conent.

Thanks in advance.

<el-steps> in element-ui only comes with step bar only, for step panel or sections you need to write your own condition with v-if. You can refer example

<el-steps :active="active" finish-status="success">
  <el-step title="Step 1"></el-step>
  <el-step title="Step 2"></el-step>
  <el-step title="Step 3"></el-step>

<el-form v-if="active===1">

<el-form v-if="active===2">

<el-form v-if="active===3">
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Thank you very much Jayesh.

Thanks Jayesh!