New Forum Feature: Mark threads as solved


Hi everyone!

You might have noticed that for some time now, some threads have a little checkmark next to them:

This shows you that this thread contains an accepted answer/solution to OPs question. In the thread, you see a short message about the reply that provided the solution at the end of the OP:

Who can mark a reply as a solution?

Only the OP and the moderators can do that. Modertors will regularly review threads and mark solutions if the OP didn’t do so themselves.

How do I mark a reply to a thread I started as a solution?

At the end of each Reply is a small toolbar with a few icons. There you will find the same checkmark icon you already saw above. Clicking it will mark the thread as a solution:

(You likely don’t see all of these options because this is a screenshot by me, with admin permissions)

So go ahead an tag some solutions, so other people can see what has already been solved!

Any questions? Feel free to ask below!

Calling dispatch action from Mixin?


Great feature! Long overdue :slight_smile: