Nested List Not running

            {foodName: banana
                {Vitamin : A,
                    {Vitamin : B,

I have array similar to the above code in my Vue app and I want to iterate through it. my app gets stuck when I save. I don’t know why?

You should provide more information about your problem at hand. Currently this is not enough.

For example, please define “save” and provide related code.

You can refer to our guide on asking for help for more information. Thanks!

Hi Sorry fro not being descriptive. When I run my app it runs successfully if i use normal array like foo:[1,2,3,4], but if I add an object that has nested arrays like Musiclist:
{ artist:a,
albums:[{ albumName: ‘Thriller’ , songs:[a,c,d]}, { albumName: ‘Bad’ , songs:[e,f,g]} ] }
when i try to save (ctrl+ s)it it builds and stuck on 98%