Need a recommednation on a storage solution for front-end vue app

I’m attempting to buld a vue PWA app. The intent is this will be used like a native mobile app (bit not native since i dont know how to build native apps, but i am a web developer so im very familiar with javascript and vue). I also need to save a small bit of user data, unique to each user. As far as I understand here are my top options:

localStorage - This may be the only viable option, but my only gripe is that its kind of easy for it to be erased, and thus the user loses all their saved data, which is a pain to have to re-establish, and might cause them to stop using my app if they have to reenter stuff a lot.

json file - This seems like the best option, but I cant find a way to write to a json file that doesnt involve setting up a server, and thus basically maintaining every users data, which is something i dont want to have to do.

sqlite/mongodb - I dont mind using either of these, but again they require a server, so same issue as with the json file option

Anyone have any other suggestions? Ultimately I dont want to have to maintain a server/database with all my user data, thats way too over my head. This will be a free app thats just meant to help with a task, not the next big tech thing so requiring manpower and constant monitoring of data etc is way overkill.

If you want persistent data you have to use a server, anything else is considered temporary. You might want to consider using Firebase’s Firestore or something similar.