NavigationDuplicated error when using router-link

I get a NavigationDuplicated error when navigation from one post (/news/some-post-name) to another one (/news/whatever-post). Even though I could get rid of it thanks to this StackOverflow answer, I still don’t understand: what’s the issue with navigating within the same component?

Also according to posva in this Github issue, when using router-link this error shouldn’t appear. Or did I get something wrong?

I don’t understand what the issue is with pushing the same path.

I ran into the error when trying to create a search feature. I wanted to push the same path with a different set of query parameters, and got an error.

I was hoping to get a behavior similar to Google search, where I can navigate back to my previous searches with the back button. Is that impossible to do with vue-router?

Just ran into this issue while upgrading packages.

Adding .catch clauses to push calls on routes with params did not change anything for me.

Simple router-links to routes with children even trough multiple NavigationDuplicated errors…