My post has been flagged and hidden


I just received the following message stating that my post has been flagged as an advertisement, overly promotional etc…

This is an automated message from Vue Forum to let you know that your post was hidden.

Your post was flagged as spam : the community feels it is an advertisement, something that is overly promotional in nature instead of being useful or relevant to the topic as expected.

Multiple community members flagged this post before it was hidden, so please consider how you might revise your post to reflect their feedback. You can edit your post after 10 minutes, and it will be automatically unhidden.

However, if the post is hidden by the community a second time, it will remain hidden until handled by staff.

For additional guidance, please refer to our community guidelines.

I strongly feel that there must be some kind of mistake here because I cannot see at how this post violates the community guidelines.

@ Vue Forum maintainers, please could you review once again my post help me to resolve this matter

Thank you
Kind regards

That post has already been unhidden by me over 2 hours ago.

We unfortnuately need some sort of automated detection as we get a lot of real spam, so sometimes posts get misidentified.

We check those regularly and unblock any false positives.


@LinusBorg Thank you for your attention to this matter :+1: