Multiple Radio Button in Table

I have this screen:


I need to retrieve the radio button values ​​for each line.

How to retrieve the selected ids in the model.

do you use it in v-for?

I use the following code

    <tr v-for="(valor,index) in periodos.Disciplinas">
    <td >
            <input type="checkbox"  v-bind:value="valor.Codigo"
                v-model="DisciplinaSelecionado" v-on:change="atualizaSimulacao">
    <td >
        <h5 class="font-weight-bold">{{valor.Nome}}</h5> 
        <br />
        IdTurmaSelecionado {{IdTurmaSelecionado}}
        <br />
        <div class="row">
            <div class="col-sm-4" v-for="(turma,index) in valor.Turmas">
                <input type="radio" 
                        v-bind:value="valor.Codigo + '*' + turma.IDTURMADISC" 
                <label class="font-weight-bold">Turma: {{turma.IDTURMADISC}}</label>

You’ve got an syntax error in

where the closing quote is missing.

In addition, when you want the data in your table’s rows to be individual, you can not use v-model with the same variable in each. I think you should define your IdTurmaSelecionado to be an array and use v-model="IdTurmaSelecionado[index]" (with index from your v-for-loop).

Excuse me post the code with errors.

I used the v-model=“IdTurmaSelecionado[index]” and it worked.

Thank you