Multilanguage page, how to design TheHeader

I have a very simple homepage with some routes: * Home * Projects * Blog * Design * About * Contact
In App.vue I use TheHeader /TheHeader where I attach my vue-router links to the pages headlines.
Then I use the router-view /router-view in order to render the content of the pages.

Things are getting a little bit more complicated when I want to make this for several languages:
With language links like: mydomain/en, mydomain/es, mydomain/fr, mydomain/de

I have already set up structure for the content, that’s not so difficult, (eg: path domain/en/about, component: AboutEng) but how can I design TheHeader?
I would like to keep TheHeader as one single component, avoiding things like: TheEnglishHeader or TheSpanishHeader

Thanks a lot!

Would it make more sense to build this tool with react.js?

Does anybody have a good i18n- tutorial for vue3, in ENGLISH? I struck with the vue-router