Mouse event handlers aren't working in Safari (macOS Big Sur)

I have following code in my template:

<a @click="emitPop" onclick="console.log('link clicked')">...</a>

It works fine in FireFox and Chrome but not in Safari. Handler in “onclick” attribute is executed as expected (it is there only for testing), but the emitPop method doesn’t fire for the first ~5s of clicking and then suddenly starts working. It behaves like if Vue is waiting a few seconds before attaching event listeners to <a> element. I have to wait for click being recognised and emitPop method is called.

BTW, I had problem with following line of code too:

<a @click.prevent.stop="emitPop" href="#">...</a>

If I clicked too fast on the link, browser navigated to # URL instead of executing emitPop (with prevent and stop modifiers). Again, looks like event handlers are attached to DOM element after BIG delay (seconds).

Any suggestions on how to debug/analyze this thing?