Model once, access everywhere

I did a thing, if someone other than me wants to try it out and see if it makes the least bit of sense, or tell me if I’m just wasting my time completely.

I created a nuget package that takes .net models such as you’d use for EF Core and makes neat little JS “model” classes out of them. Meaning you can write a model once in C#, EF Core will wire up your database, and this will give you some weird looking JS files.

Then you install this npm package, which can understand your weird looking JS. It creates a mock “database” on the front end.

Stuff gets lazy-loaded into your vue templates.

There’s some support for DTOs also though it’s not really in the docs yet. For purists who don’t want to expose their data models as-is all the way down to the user.

It’s still an incomplete project but I’ve been plucking away at it long enough I think someone else should maybe get eyes on it.

Berate me, validate my existence, give me a job, I dunno.