Mentorship for an open source pull request?


Hi! I’m looking for a mentor to work with for a small period of time (maybe a week, less than a week, or 2 weeks?) in order to contribute to a project that is looking to bring a jsx superset of markdown, called mdx, into Vue.

I’m an associate of one of the main authors of mdx. They are all React devs, and are looking for help with their coming v1 release, for which they hope to include Vue.js support. I’d love to help out in this regard!

I’ve made a, few, apps with Vue, and am very comfortable with single file components, Vue render functions and jsx in Vue, Vuex, and Vue-Router.

This project is more under-the-hood than a normal, user-facing, Vue app, and this is why I’m looking for a mentor to talk through the problem space and the solution iterations.

Brian Zelip