Looking for Vue developer — north of England preferred, or EU


I’m almost done with an overhaul to the Under Cloud, and I need an extra pair of hands, working on a freelance basis, to get it over the gain line.

So, if you’re working remote and are:

  1. proficient in Vue 2 (Router, Vuex, and CLI), Node, Axios, Express, Passport, Webpack, and Git;
  2. knowledgeable of AWS, and have some general DevOps tricks (not a requirement);
  3. either based in the north of England, or the European Union;
  4. and available from November onwards…

… let’s talk.

Offers from agencies won’t be considered.

Hi @OctaneInteractive

I am Interested in your requirement and will be glad To Assist you as an vue developer

Let us have Short discussion over Skype @ Cis.am3 or email me at frank@cisinlabs.com to process further


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