Looking for a Junior Frontend Developer

Looking to join a small and friendly talented crew to develop top-notch web applications using modern technologies?
Alkaweb is creating software applications which make our customers’ life easier. Your sweet spot! Our work is all about quality, commitment and passion for our customers. That said, we strive to set out and do things, thus making mistakes and learning from them.
Alkaweb is a profitable bootstrapped company and we pride ourselves for granting 10% of our annual profit to a charity. We are a remote-company, with developers spread around the world. We are also committed to organize several in-real-life meeting with our team - and attend different tech-related events.
We communicate daily on Slack - and we strongly believe on the Agile Project Management, using JIRA for our weekly development sprint.
We have mainly been focused on building WordPress solutions (themes and plugins) since our inception, with our major hit being Woffice.io. That’s being said, we have leaned toward building our first SaaS for the last few months: feedier.com - and we intend to make hit our flagship product in the upcoming months.

We are looking for a part time Junior Frontend Developer!

At Alkaweb, you will work with our team on a brand-new web application - Feedier (feedier.com) - which is currently getting off the ground. We want to make this product our new flagship product, and turn our focus away from WordPress. We can assure you it will be challenging and you will learn a lot.

Even though, this is a part time offer, make no mistake, the idea is to turn into a full job whenever we have enough business to do so.

Job Description
This job will also entail working on other products such as diverse WordPress themes (such as woffice.io) , WordPress plugins, our website, etc.

  • Type of contract: Contractor, for administrative ease we would ask you to be declared as an independent worker (if you are not yet) in the country you are living in. You do not need to be declared for now, but on the long term we will ask you to.
  • Start: April 2018
  • Location: Remote, work from anywhere in the world and at any time zone.
  • Schedule: 4 hours / day, 5 days a week. We ask you to work 1 hour in the morning and one in the afternoon / evening. You can expect paid vacations (about 3 weeks per year) as well.


  • Javascript: Most of your work will be UX/UI based, so you must be a proficient JavaScript programmer who doesn’t need to rely on libraries to accomplish innovative interaction. You must be confident in order to contribute to our core product, fix glitches and implement new features.
  • Knowledge of a modern JavaScript framework like Vue.js, React, Angular
  • Good understanding of usability and visual design
  • Coding best practices: Although our new product has been built by a small team, we pride ourselves on striving to write consistent, extensible, sustainable and sturdy code. Your code should be easy to debug and you should always think about the impact you could have for your other fellow teammate.
  • API experiences
  • Integration technologies: HTML / CSS (SCSS)
  • Strong Version Control knowledge (Git would be prefered - Bitbucket is a huge plus)
  • Good English (speaking and writing)
  • Understanding of the communication requirements of remote working
  • Being extremely autonomous and entreprenarial. We expect you to come forward and bring your point up, but we also want you to self-train and bring yourself up to date.
  • Making yourself heard: At Alkaweb, we are always open to new ideas and open to change. We are aware that new technologies and approaches will come along that need to be embraced. We want you to help us grow and improve

The below skills and experience would be beneficial for you and would make a difference in the hiring process.

Backend-development experience (PHP ideally - Laravel would be spot-on)

  • WordPress experience
  • Front-end testing experience
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Experience with Machine Learning and Python
  • A unique technical skill

How to apply?
Very easy! :sunglasses:Just answer below, we will get in touch shortly and you will be advised if you need to take any further action. You can also contact at contact@alka-web.com

If there is a match in your profile, we will send you a quick, yet important, test. After the reviewing process, we will contact you again and make our final call. If it’s a success, we will bring all the details up and make sure you’re ready to come onboard for a first week of training, so you can get yourself accustomed with our tech-stack, environment and meet our team.

Sounds like the right place for you? Come join our crew!


Hello I’m really interested. I love vuejs and I would be happy to learn from your team. I have some knowledge with node and MongoDB. I love to learn. So whatever you need for a project if I don’t know yet I lean it. No matter what.

Let me know if you’re interested or not.

And if you’ve any advice it would be nice to share it with me.

See you soon.

Hi baptistedebever

Did you ever hire someone for the above position?


Joachim Harris (Denmark)

Hi all,

Sorry, meant to update the thread but I forgot! We did yes!

Thanks for your interest though!

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I’m an experienced full-stack developer and I have 7+ years experience in web development.
I have 5+ experience with front-end JS frameworks React, VueJS and etc.
I have developed some web apps like your project and I’m sure I can help you with your project.
You can contact me with mailto:gadrgon0305@gmail.com