Learning Vue2 or Vue3

as a beginner that is new to Vue.
should i start learning Vue 3 or start with vue 2 and then discover vue 3

Hi! Welcome to Vue!

You should learn Vue 2, because almost everything Vue 2 hast to offer, will work the same in Vue 3. Two exceptions will be:

  1. “mixins”. They will work in Vue 3, but it is discouraged to use them, since they can cause confusing in larger projects. Instead it is recommended to use the new Composition API

  2. “filters”: In Vue 2 you will find many places like this: “amount | currency”. Here a value is piped to a filter, which performs some kind of operation on the given value. This way of writing will no longer be available, instead use sth like this: “currency(value)”.

I am sure I am missing out on something, but not when saying that it is totally ok to learn Vue 2. There are so many projects out there that it will take a while until it “disappears” anyway :slight_smile:

Hope that helps! Have fun!