Large download file for new application

I’m really enjoying Vue, and started learning about the Single File Components, which I really enjoyed as it’s a similar concept to Polymer, something I’ve used quite a bit. Come to find that I need to add a build step for this method to work. So I started following this tutorial to setup a vue and webpack project up from scratch:

It was straight forward enough and I got it working. What concerns me is that after finishing this and running it, the generated main.js file is 244KB of… something. The application itself simply displays “Hello world” in the browser.

What is all this extra stuff being send to the browser? Can I expect an app compiled with webpack to scale pretty linearly from here? Cause that file would quickly become huge. Sorry if this needs to be in a webpack forum, but it was to build a Vue project, so I thought this was a more appropriate place.

Thanks for any help!

See Asset size limit warning

Thank you, but that doesn’t seem to be at all related to my question. That leads to an article about how to split code. I’m not asking how to do that. Rather, I’m wondering why a new app is sending so much content to the browser and how this app will scale as I continue to develop it.

If you have a look at the details of code splitting, you will see, what mechanisms could be leveraged to scale well: i.e. splitting the code in chunks which are loaded when needed.
I think, this is pointing in the direction you asked, isn’t it?