Is there a Vue-recommended guide to CSS?

Hi everybody,

Thank you for making Vue and this community.

I’m using Vue to make a dynamic map visualization app. Context:

  • Vue v2
  • Minimal preset with Vue CLI
  • Vue Leaflet
  • BootstrapVue
  • Single-file Vue components

I’m new to both Vue and JS and so far so good. However, I have no experience with CSS, and I’m at a point where I want to put my UI elements in specific places on the map dashboard, make my map always fit screen regardless of screen size, and similar. I suspect that I need to use CSS to do that.

Is there a Vue-idiomatic or recommended beginner’s guide to CSS? Or should I tackle this with some UI framework instead?

I’m looking for a book go quick tutorial on HTML and CSS. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.