Is it possible to use Vuelidate outside of Vue.js component?

I use Vuelidate in my project, which is great for validations inside components. However since I’ll be working with the same data in multiple places, even outside of Vue.js components, I need a way to reuse the validation mechanism.

Basically, I am looking for a method like validate() from Vuelidate library to which I’d pass my validations object and some sort-of value object, where I’d put all the values (instead taking them from data or computed properties in components).

Has anyone used Vuelidate like that? Is it possible?


Vuelidate needs vue instance to work, but it doesn’t have to be a component. You can create a vue instance that only handles validation, and then make that validation state available to any component that needs it.

I was afraid that this is the case. Thanks for the answer, @woodberry.

Here is some related discussion on a recent github issue - maybe you can add to it:

This topic comes up quite often in relation to vuelidate.

Because Vuelidate requires Vue.js instance, I decided to try validate.js instead and I wrote a blog post how I used it with Vue.js for others who might face the same problem: Using validate.js instead of Vuelidate in Vue.js applications.