Inconsistent Build Times / Memory Question

This is just a general “why” question.

Running npm run dev usual message

Preparing project for development
√ Initial build may take a while
√ Builder initialized
√ Nuxt files generated
i Memory usage: 562 MB (RSS: 861 MB)

Now i notice the memory changes drastically; so for fun I made no changes to the site / files /nothing changed (closed editor).
Kept other current programs running so the computer is at the same “state” and ran the same build command 10 times and every time the Memory usage: {x} MB (RSS: {x} MB) changes

Memory usage: 277 MB (RSS: 692 MB)
Memory usage: 562 MB (RSS: 861 MB)
Memory usage: 304 MB (RSS: 465 MB)
Memory usage: 488 MB (RSS: 747 MB)
… and so on.
How can it vary so drastically with nothing being changed?

What would cause the dev / build to require more or less memory when its building the same thing over and over?
Just wondering what factors this play in development since as a guide I assume it is to let developers know performance reasons?
But if it changes with no actual changes to the files / builder / process where is the extra memory consumed / not used?

I can run it and say 277 MB I am doing good, then run again and its 600+MB and say well what happened for it to jump +2x the previous run?

Just a curious question hopefully some of the top guys can explain this process variance, or if others notice the same thing.

Thanks all,


I guess Im the only one running this?

I have no idea how nuxt generates these numbers, nor do I have much experience with or knowledge memory management of node (which webpack & express, and thereby nuxt mostly run on) in particular or Operating Systems in general, so: no idea.