Importing Vue from vue.esm-browser.js (v3) ES module

I’ve downloaded vue.esm-browser(.prod).js from CDN server to self-host it but I don’t know how to properly use these esm-browser builds. If I do this:

<div id="app">
	{{ counter }}
<script type="module">
	import Vue from "./vue/"; // <------ERROR (Why? Path is OK)

Getting this error from Safari (macOS):
Importing binding name ‘default’ cannot be resolved by star export entries.

I’ve looked inside of esm-browser build and there si really not any “export defaut” but I’m comfused how is “” supposed to be used and where should Vue come from?

This works for me:

import { createApp } from ‘./js/vue.esm-browser.js’;

const app = createApp({

That is, you aren’t importing “Vue” but rather a specific function from the vue.esm-browser file.