I'm seeing "" in the two way binding answer?

For my recent project, client wants me to develop a tool to convert binary to decimal. I have almost developed the tool but when i run in the browser, i see the conversion answer comes with " ".

vue Code:

data () {
return {
text_value: ‘’,
ans: ‘’


bintodec() {
      var cc = new BigNumber(this.text_value, 2);
       this.ans = cc;


I copied code from the github of this page, this code works fine for them. But I’m facing issue for mine. Is this because of the localhost ?

I’d assume BigNumber would return a number, not a string so I suspect it’s how you’re outputting the value in your template but you’ll need to provide more of your code for us to give you any useful insight.

You can refer to our guide on asking for help for more information.

Ok, I just removed the bignumber from the code and it works fine. I’m not seeing “” anymore. But the problem is without bignumber, my tool returns correct answer for just eleven character inputs and then return wrong answer. I’m gonna show this to my client and ask whether he needs to show the output of more then 11 characters.