I made web server special for Vue (and other SPA frameworks)

Hello there!

I previously had problem on server with HDD storage. It still incredibly slow running optimized Vue build. Core of problem is current popular web server (I used Nginx) actually not cache whole public directory. The reason behind this because it assumes the site can be dynamically served (like PHP) whereas Vue is SPA and its statically served.

So I decided to create Kuda Web Server, which is optimized for SPA including Vue. It’s compresses all build files with GZIP and put it in RAM. So every request will be served directly from RAM. No disk hit, no slow down :grin:

Link to Repository: https://github.com/Thor-x86/kuda

Currently, there is no hosting powered by Kuda yet. However, community voice is louder than president’s tantrum. So I appreciate your every support. :pray:

Thank you!