I created a web app for rating, discovering, and discussing films, series, games, books and music using Vue/Nuxt/Vuetify

Here it is: www.peepthis.app


Rate, discover, and discuss interesting films, series, games, books, and music. Connect with users with compatible taste. An SSR/SPA web app built with Vue/Vuetify/Nuxt on the frontend and Django REST Framework on the backend.


-Rate, review, and track your media (films, series, games, books and music).

-See your taste compatibility with other users, find users with the most compatible taste.

-Receive personalized media recommendations based on your ratings, or browse the media database using various filters.

-A fully-featured subreddit-style community (topics with nested comments) for each media title.

-Create lists to organize your media, browse user-curated lists.

-Fully-featured instant messaging between users and real-time notifications.

-Custom-built change management system for updating the media database. Any user can submit new media titles or updates to existing ones, which are gated to mod approval.

-Responsive design.

I’m a hobby coder and this is my first and only web project, but I’ve put a lot of time and effort into it. If anyone has any questions about how I implemented something or how I got to this point, just let me know. I’d love to hear feedback/suggestions/comments, especially about design since that’s what I struggle with the most.

This project looks super awesome and reminds me of the popcorn time service. Good stuff man looks super awesome!! I’m working on my first vue.js web app as well and this is inspiring to see other framework developers contributing cool projects.

Thanks @GitNey! I really appreciate the kind words.