How To Setup Google Optimize With Nuxt

Hi @hecktarzuli
I just implemented Optimize based on your article on my site:
AB test is:
the main button is showing Download Now or Download for Free text as you can see

but in my console i see 0 active users…
and also when i click “check installation” I am getting: Optimize installation not found error, so I added <script src=""></script> as it was instructed by the Optimize console…

after I added this optimize.js the “Optimize installation not found error,” went away… but the Active Users and Sessions are still 0 (zero)

What does it say now? I just tested it and I’m seeing both experiences, so it’s just a matter of you reporting it correctly to Google.

yes, the AB testing is working… i have attached my google analytics and so on… but still getting zero Active Users and Sessions

edit: Im using this package for GA

edit2: do I need to manually include <script src=""></script> ?

I’d double check your code matches my blog post, it doesn’t mention using the google optimize script. (since that’s really for client-side experiments not server/universal)

Did you turn on the experiment?
Did you make sure the Nuxt GA module is below your Optimize one?

Did you turn on the experiment?


Did you make sure the Nuxt GA module is below your Optimize one?

I had it above, now I put ti below… but still the same… no Active Users

edit: is there any codesandbox that is up to date and working?

I have this same problem, In my website, I don´t still have any active users, I think it is weird :(…help

Im having a similar issue, did you manage to make it work?