How to put values from my vue inside my Chart-Line (Chart.js)

Hello everyone,

I’m a beginner in Vue.js and Chart.JS.
I’ve been looking for answers for few weeks but i didn’t find.

I’m triyng to use some data that i did declared inside a vue named “da” into a Chart-Line declared later like this :

var myChart = new Chart(document.getElementById(“line-chart”).getContext(“2d”), {
type: ‘line’,
data: {…

The vue and the chart are located inside a file named “main.js”.

Everything is working fine but when the chart is displaying, Insteed of the values from my vue that i wanted to display, I got “undefiened”.

there below a picture of what i get :

There is the way i try to access to those values :

labels: [
da.TabDate[0].jour+" “+da.TabDate[0].mois+” "+da.TabDate[0].annee,

Also, you can find below a link to a Vue.js SandBox of my work.
Thank you every one for any help.