How to proceed with building a multi widget application with thousands components?

Hi everyone

I want to create a web app where different kind of mini widget will be hosted. Based on current route a different widget/component will be load.

I’m concerned that the number of widgets will grow and so is the Vue application.

I can make each widget a different Vue application and each app will have it’s own folder. I’m not sure how this is good idea. Because the layout of the website has to stay the same between applications. If the layout is changed in the future… I have to go through all x separate applications folder and change it.

Normally the Vue app will act as skeleton and using API’s fetch data. But here the code for the widget has to be inside the app.

I’m talking about different random generators, conversion calculators and so on.

A similar project is where they have around 1800 calculators.

Can Vue even handle that many components? How fast it will load?

How can something like this be created?

Make a parent component with details that all child components will need, then extend the parent component in the child components. That way whatever all components need will be adjusted in the parent component and all children inherit it.

That’s one way of removing the need to edit all components to make a change.

About vue being able to handle such capacity of course it can, speed will depend on many factors such as server of data source, your server, programing style etc. But vue can handle even more.