How to pass dynamic parameter to axios api call

Hi, I have an api with the last part dynamic:

export function getProfileData() {
  return request({
    url: 'http://localhost:8000/profile_update/DYNAMIC USER ID HERE',
    method: 'get',

I am calling this api in this action:

setProfileData({ commit }) {
    return getProfileData(userId).then(response => {
      console.log('RESPONSE setProfileData action dispatch', response)
      commit('SET_PROFILE_DATA', response.results)

(In this module I also have state and mutation - working)
This action is dispatched here:

goToUserProfile(user) {
      const userId =
      this.$store.dispatch('user/setCurrentUser').then(() => {
        const profileData = this.$store.dispatch('user/setProfileData(userId)').then(() => {
        const profileData = this.$store.getters.profileData
        this.profileData = profileData
        console.log('users-list sending profile data: ', profileData )
          name: 'SeeUserProfile',
          params: {
            userId: userId
      }).catch((err) => {
        console.log('ERROR IN fetchin' userDataProfile: ', err)
        this.loading = false

The argument user comes from
@click.prevent="goToUserProfile(data.item), selectUser(data.item)".
Data.item = single selected user
This code is not working.
I need the dynamic user id to be used in the api.
In the store I also have:

setCurrentUser({ commit }, userData) {
   commit('SET_CURRENT_USER', userData)

which is working fine -inside userData there is the property id.
How do I pass the to the axios call?
Hope I’ve been clear.
I’ve extracted very much the code, so if needed I will post all of it.
I tried using /${params.userId}, but how do I pass this in the api?