How to Pass data from node js to vue 3 when using ssr

hi, I’m building a website using vue.js 3 and I want to use server side rendering. I want to also be able to pass data from my fastify (or express) server to vue.js 3. Is there any way I can do this (I have seen something called express-vue: github link but it is for vue 2 and isn’t official so I don’t know if it is good or not) Cloud you please give me an example or template I cloud use. Thank you in advance!

Edit: I would also like it to have client side hydration as there are templates (eg. GitHub - moduslabs/vue3-example-ssr: Server Sider Rendering (SSR) in Vue 3 - Example App) that do what I say except they don’t have client side hydration which is one of the main ressons I would use vue and if it didn’t have that then I would just use ejs.