How to make secure requests using postgREST

I am currently making a website for password reset. I use vue-cli, postgresql and postgrest. To secure the exchange of information between my website and the RESTful API I use a jwt that I put in the header of my requests. My problem is that when I make these requests people can find out the jwt from outside.

So is it possible to hide this jwt in the header ?
Or are there any other ways to make secure requests between vue and the RESTful API ?

My function using fetch request :

enregsitrerIdent : function(){
                let resquestOptions = {
                    method :"POST",
                    headers:{"Content-Type" : "application/json", "Authorization": this.tokenPostgRESt},
                    body :JSON.stringify({"ident":this.identifiantUrl, "mail":this.mail})
                fetch('http://localhost:3000/view_personnalurl', resquestOptions)
                    .then(response => response.json())

The jwt token visible to everyone :