How to link to a specific tab in bootstrap-vue (using vue router)



Hello! I need to link to a specific tab in file from another vue file. I’m using vue-router and bootstrap-vue as UI library.

This is the vue file containing the tab:

    <b-tabs class="mt-4">
        <b-tab  title="First tab" id="0">
          <h4 class="mt-3">List</h4>
           Some content ...

        <b-tab title="Another tab" active id="1">
             Some other content ...

This is the link, in another file, which should point to the first tab in the previous file:

<b-link :to="{ name: 'go_to_list' }">Go to list</b-link>

How could I reference one of the tab in the first file in the above link? If I use:

<b-link :to="{ name: 'go_to_list', path: '/go_to_list#0' }">Go to list</b-link>

it doesn’t work…

Thank you!