How to install NPM and Vue CLI on MacOS Mojave

Hey guys, recently I changed laptop from PC to Mac and I have some trouble to install Vue CLI and set permissions. so does anyone here have some reference or hint on how to deal with the issue. thanks in advance


Use brew to install them. Brew is a very popular package manager for Mac os. You can use it to install thousands of open source packages.

You can use n-install

I have also some trouble to install Vue CLI and set permissions, on macOS, I want to the solution, as I had faced the installation issue but the problem has solved the technician macbook repair business bay is solved the installation issue. but the same problem again happens its maybe a software issue.

With homebrew install nodejs, there are two version, LTS and Actual. You have to choose one (normally, LTS). One time install node, optionalment, you can install yarn as management package. I’m prefer yarn to npm. Also, You can install yarn with homebrew.

For install vue-cli, you can use two ways:

npm install -g @vue/cli
# OR
yarn global add @vue/cli
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