How to hire app developers

Hi, I’m currently planning to start the development of an app (I got a really neat idea) but I really need professional developers for that task. I’m not really familiar with the market and I need help in hiring. Could anyone recommend me any book or an article on how to hire people for software development?

application development is very similar to the development of a web application (it runs a virtual browser in which everything is reflected). I use QUASAR CORDOVA VUE for development android aplications.

Therefore, all that is suitable for web development is also suitable for mobile.

Perhaps, the first thing to do is to start drawing up technical specifications and search for a prototype among competitors.

Need help? - I can help. My applications in Russian can be found here.

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Hello! It’s great that you’ve decided to hire a professional, since you get professional assistance and support.
Before to hire any type of developer, you need to decide whether you want to hire an agency or a freelancer. Some say that there’s no need to turn to the digital agencies, while others argue that freelancers are dark horses, and there’s no place for a dark horse in the business world. I can confidently say that hiring one single freelancer or choosing to outsource a developer is not the greatest idea.
Here you may read more about how to choose the right candidate, what to pay attention to, how to verify their skills using the example of how to hire a web developer.
What is my main idea? You shouldn’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions, and don’t be shy to ask some examples of their work.