How to hire app developers

Hi, I’m currently planning to start the development of an app (I got a really neat idea) but I really need professional developers for that task. I’m not really familiar with the market and I need help in hiring. Could anyone recommend me any book or an article on how to hire people for software development?

application development is very similar to the development of a web application (it runs a virtual browser in which everything is reflected). I use QUASAR CORDOVA VUE for development android aplications.

Therefore, all that is suitable for web development is also suitable for mobile.

Perhaps, the first thing to do is to start drawing up technical specifications and search for a prototype among competitors.

Need help? - I can help. My applications in Russian can be found here.

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I will be glad to assist you regarding App development. Please check your PM box for more details.
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I can help you for your requirement. kindly reach me via mail or Skype so that we can discuss this further.
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I will be glad to assist you regarding App development. please let me know if this requirement is still open?

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I’ve made my first Android app in college. It wasn’t amazing but was already a good start. You won’t become an Android developer until you actually get into doing staff.

I want to share with you my training plan, so to say. It describes the basic knowledge and skills you need to acquire if you like me at that time have no experience at coding.

You can apply to these guys who are really into app development and iot. They will surely help you and maybe recommend something. They provide high-qualified service and are professionals in this area.

If you want to hire dedicated android app developers, you must familiar or must know some prior things for app developers. To build a custom mobile app for your business or project it is necessary to know some following ways to hire an android app developer.

  • Hire a professional with rich experience

  • Hire cost-efficient Android app developer team

  • Hire flexible Android app developer

There are lots of things you should keep in mind before hiring an android app developer. I hope it might help you. In order to get more details and prior information, you can look out this. How to Hire Android App Developers?

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