How to get particular clicked post ID and send to backend

Im beginner on Vue, i store all of my post content on database, so my goal basically is getting the number of click of each post. For distinct that, each post have some: _id

That is my post content on DB :

I try to search everywere that is what i found, with Vue to send on my backend (Express) :

 <div w="3" v-for="(post, post_id) in posts" :key="post_id">
  <div class="card-view" @click="getStat(post_id)">
    <div class="container">
      <a href="#"><div class="tag_name blue">{{ post.title }}</div></a>
      <div class="company">{{ post.body }}</div>
        <div class="c_logo">
             <img :src="`${post.image}`"/>

import axios from 'axios'

export default {
  name: "Home",
  components: {

data: () => ({
    posts: [],

methods : {
    getStat : function() {
		let increment = this.counter += 1

		let result = await"http://localhost:3000/allPostClicked", {
			numberOfClick: increment,
			postID: this.post_id

Use the post_id you’re passing to your function call

getStat : function(id) { ... }

which can be written more succinctly as

getStat(id) { ... }

Hello @dewbie95,
We have gone through your query
Here, to meet your requirement, I provide a demo link below hope it helps.

Solution link: optimistic-meadow-rqhl6x - CodeSandbox

Thank you.