How to dispatch state with circular structure using vuex-persistedstate?

I am gonna dispatch state with circular structure using vuex-persistedstate.

This is plugins in store.js.
plugins: [createPersistedState({

    storage: {

        getItem: key => ls.get(key),

        setItem: (key, value) => ls.set(key, value),

        removeItem: key => ls.remove(key)



And the data to dispatch is as follows:
var aaa = CircularJSON.stringify(bbb);
this.$store.dispatch(‘socketfcn’, aaa);

Where, bbb is :
bbb {
acks: Object
connected: true
disconnected: false
flags: Object
id: “KWg5v3XDkzfsS9f7AAAz”
ids: 0
io: Manager
json: Socket
nsp: “/”
query: “id= 1”
receiveBuffer: (…)
sendBuffer: (…)
subs: (…)

If you have any idea to solve this, please help me.

Thank you.