How to deploy Chatbot to 3rd party website using Vuejs

Hi, I have created widget for chat bot in vuejs and i want to deploy on 3rd party websites.
How can i write script with IFRAME which will load widget into 3rd party websites?

var h = a.createElement (‘script’);
(h.type = ‘text/javascript’), (h.src = websiteURL);
var i = a.getElementsByTagName (‘script’)[0];
i.parentNode.insertBefore (h, i);

but this giving CORB error of text/html


The CORS error occurs because your server prevents loading of your script from any other place than itself. You must configure your server to put this in the header:

Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*”

How this is done depends on server used. This page explains the concept and show how configuration is done for the most common web servers.

Its not about CORS error. It is about CORB

Sorry. Read to fast