How to create a listener for any Vue change?


I’m fairly new with Vue and I’m building my third website with it.

It depends on several vanilla JS functions to properly render and display things, but it needs to be re-run every time something changes within Vue. When I was first creating it, I made a function called rerender() (and put it in the Vue.nextTick) that would be called within everything that might trigger a change within Vue.

I quickly realized that it was a really tedious and inefficient way to do things, so I’d like some guidance on how I could resolve this issue. Is there something like a Vue.everyTick (Vue.nextTick but for every time Vue updates) that works for every data property within the Vue instance?

Hello @sap953
Vue has good feature called a watcher that watches for change in state or DOM component . It listens for those events and triggers the specified function or method. In your case you should set some global state and watch the mutation with some handler for the event. You can do deep watch or eager watch depending on your scenario.
Ask again if any doubt.