How to configure `vue-cli-service serve` to use a particular babel plugin?

How to configure vue-cli-service serve to use a particular babel plugin (e.g. @babel/plugin-syntax-numeric-separator · Babel) to load dependencies?

I’m trying to upgrade a dependency (GitHub - Qix-/color: Javascript color conversion and manipulation library) to a version that uses more recent ES features and I’m getting an error similar to Conflict when using color@4.0.0 with react-native · Issue #204 · Qix-/color · GitHub

I tried to add babel/plugin-syntax-numeric-separator to babel.config.js as described in its docs, but I’m still getting the error:

I use: “@vue/cli-service”: “4.5.13”. I don’t know if there’s anything else relevant in my setup, so I’ll add more details if needed.

I eventually found out that babel is not applied to dependencies. So the problem described above can be resolved by adding

transpileDependencies: ['color'],

to vue.config.js (relevant docs: Configuration Reference | Vue CLI)