How to config printer setting on vue/js?

My problem:

  • I tried to create Restaurant App
  • I have 2 printer setup on my PC. One on reception and other in cook.
  • I create 2 button on Vue component to print direct on specific printer by name (Silence mode)

How to config printer setting (Printer Name) on vue/js?

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Hi. You can’t select printer in vue (or javascript). You can only use window.print() to bring up a printing dialog and there select between different printers. Some browser can be set to silently print (I think you can configure Firefox to do so) but then it only prints to the default printer.

@johandalabacka, very thanks for your reply.
Now I base on NodeJS-Meteor + Vue
We have any solve? for example Node JS could do this?

(If I don’t forgot, I used to see Restaurant system on PHP could setup multi printer to print Item List to any places.)

Maybe some kind of printserver with an api could solve your problem. Using vue to send the information to the printserver that needs to be printed and based on the request the printserver can start printing on the right printer :). Havent tried this in real life but if this functionality doesnt exist, well then build it and quit your job because it would make you rich ! :joy:

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thanks @luxwarp, have any docs for printserver?

A printserver is an application you install on a computer that has the printers connected to it. So you have to google and find some printserver software that might help you :slight_smile: .

Welcome @roseybrown to the forum!

I don’t quite understand what you need help with. This is a forum about VueJS development, not how to fix paper stuck in a printer :). But on the page you linked there is a lot of tips on how to fix paper jam. Have you tried them ? :).

Have a great day!

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Very thanks for all reply.

Maybe you could use this package from node I haven’t used it myself so I cannot tell how good it is

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Printing using app is very productive. But I don’t think you would be able to select any printer no matter the brand. You can config just one printer by using window.print() and it will print in default printer. I once tried to create a similar printer app when I use to face this kind of problem I used to post on facebook vue.js groups.

The printing configure is not so tough for any users. From my perspective, you can not select the printer in vue/js, you can only use the Windows print () for configuring. I also faced a printer setting problem with my Hp Designjet T795. Now everything is alright.

Thanks for your reply, I will check it