How to concatinate a variable inside a axios method

how to cancatinate this ‘catid’ inside a axios method or how to access this inside axios.
I want to concatinate this ‘catid’ inside this line"this.$refs.cm_count.innerText =’(’+ count +’)’;"
suppose this.$refs.cm_count+‘catid’.innerText =’(’+ count +’)’;"(but this is not working giving an error undefined)

method: {
catid= 'this id needs to concatinate inside axios method '
                method : "GET",
                url: "/post_comment_like/" + catid,
                         post_id: catid
              }).then(response => {
                this.$refs.cm_count.innerText ='('+ count +')';


But I believe it would be much more better to bind the data within template.

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