How to call a commit and dispatch asynchronously from same action?



I want to perform an action only after mutation has done it’s job.

The mutation ( SOME_MUTATION ) is from same store and the action( test/testAction ) is from a module

someAction(context, data) {
    context.commit('SOME_MUTATION', data) // this should be committed first
    context.dispatch('test/testAction') // this action should be dispatched after the above commit

Note: I don’t know whether or not it is the default behaviour


Why don’t you just ceate an action that calls the mutation then in the promise call the “testAction”?


You mutation should be a synchronous job so it should be completed by the time you call your dispatch. If your mutation isn’t a quick and simple update then this is a sign that you should be using an action to handle the logic and only commit the mutation once the data is ready, in which case you can do as @miketimturner suggested.