How to bind multiple data to a slot?

I have some multiple data to bind to the slot. What I am doing is bind a Object( like following). which make data hard to use. Is there a more elegant, robust way to do this?
data () {
return {
soundProp: {
foo: false,
bar: 0,

i think you don’t fully understand the idea of slots you are using slots when you have for example a child component and in the parent component you want to pass a html value that will be diffrent evry time you are using the slot
so in the perent component you have the child component as a tag and then you give a property slot with the name and in the child component you are using this slot

vue slots doc

explaing slots viedo

see this viedo and if you still not sure send me a msg and i will send you example.

I didn’t get you here. I’m working functionally well with code now. And I think I understand how to use slot. The situation is that I have not just one single value to pass to the slot.

Let’s take Vue doc link that you give as an example. What if I want to pass some data except user?

You can either pass this is an object that will contain all, and you can create more components that each one will get other pieces of data.
If you can be more specific i will be happy to help