How to add rechapca for vue 3

I found on Google to use vue-recaptcha package, but it was created for vue 2.
On their git repository, they say that support both vue 2 and vue 3 via vue-demi.
How to use vue-demi to implement vue-recaptcha package for vue 3?

vue-demi is designed for plugin authors. It’s up to the author to use it and release a version of their plugin with support using it.

You could use vue-recaptcha-3, with “3” as in re-captcha v3 (not Vue 3, but incidentally also Vue 3)

An alternative for supporting vue2 components in a vue3 application would be to write a little wrapper single file component that uses vue2 options interface instead of vue3 composition and expose the most important parts of vue-recaptcha via that wrapper component until it has caught up and supports vue3 by itself.

We’re at the edge of vue2 → vue3 and sometimes it is just the cleaner way not to insist on doing everything and all the parts with composition API “just because” and use the options interface instead when it is needed.
Choose the right tool for the job.