How long will Vue 2 be supported

I have a vue 2 app and I’m wondering if I should make the upgrade to vue 3. Currently there’s still a lot of support for vue2 libraries and I don’t want to upgrade if I don’t need to. I saw on the roadmap they were planning Vue 2.7 but I do not see any work for it.

Vue 3 is definitely the way forward, but with so many plugins and frameworks still on Vue 2 I don’t see Vue 2 being dropped any time soon. If the effort to upgrade your app to Vue 3 is a mammoth one or means a number of plugins will break then I’d wait for better Vue 3 adoption before upgrading.

I thought Vue 3.1 would make that easier with compat mode ? Okay then looks like this weekend I’m upgrading then. Luckily I created my own components so I only need to find a new wizard and just upgrade to veevalidate which should be smooth since my input components are meant to be built with validation.