How delete the preset configuration?

When use ‘vue create project-name’ command, I save so many preset files, but I want to only keep the default one (babel,eslint); Could any one tell me how to delete the preset configuration created by user ? Thanks a lot.

I got the answer from the link :
PLS read casrefully.
After you’ve selected features, you can optionally save it as a preset so that you can reuse it for future projects. If you want to delete or tweak a saved preset, you can do that by editing ~/.vuerc.

A preset is defined in JSON. If you have saved a preset via the command line and then open ~/.vuerc, you will find something like the following:

For people like me who spent hours trying to figure out where ~/.vuerc is and still had no success, I found a command line that’s

vue config

This command line will show you the presets you have, and you can use

vue config --edit

to edit your presets or just use

vue config --delete presets.YOUR_PRESET_NAME


That work for me, thank! (I hate see that config name every create new prj, :angry:)