Hologram: Widgets on Mac OS built with Vue

We just released a Mac OS app called Hologram that lets you display widgets on your desktop. Widgets are built using Vue.

Our concept for Hologram was to create an open platform that allows web developers to create their own unique desktop widgets using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We chose Vue as the underlying framework because it was the only one that met all our requirements. Honestly, it’s not a stretch to say Vue made this app possible without compromising how we envisioned it working. We’re very grateful for Vue!

What kinds of desktop widgets can you build for Hologram? Pretty much anything you can create for the web. Our default widgets show the weather, the moon phase, date & time, system information, battery level, time spent on the computer, etc. We’ve built some APIs that allow developers to tap into the OS system data, the weather, etc., and also to define controls so users can customize their widgets from the UI.

Widgets that get shared on our website will be licensed under MIT. We want to encourage the free exchange of widgets, similar to what VS Code does with extensions. Our hope is to build an impressive library of useful widgets.

If you’re curious about Hologram feel free to visit our site and check out our dev docs:


We also want to extend the following offer:

If you’d like to try your hand at developing a widget we would like to give you a promo code so you can get Hologram for free. Click the “contact” link on our website and send us an email if you want a code. There’s a limit to how many we can give out, but we’ll do our best to accommodate everyone.