Help for statically generated pre-rendered website

I have a portfolio website about data visualization. It was built with jquery and others. Now I want to convert it to Vue js based website. Regarding this I would like get some clarifications.

My requirements/ considerations:

My approach so far:

  • Tried using Prerender SPA Plugin. However, this is cannot handle complex scenarios, like leaflet maps and etc.
  • Nuxt.js would be a better option with universal mode and the webpack generate. However, the challenges I am facing are in this approach are:
    • If I want to add a new web page, I will have to re-generate the entire application and upload, which is not very friendly approach.
    • Also, is there any option to exclude only a component within a page, from pre-rendering?
    • Since, most of the pages require entirely different js library and data, I am using HTML a tag for navigation between pages to force a hard reload, instead of nuxt-link. Is that valid/ only effective option?

Would like get some help from any of you. I believe, I am not the first person to face such issues. Can you please suggest any better or suitable solution?